425-500  Guardian Angel® Wearable light bar, all colors.

  The Guardian Angel® was designed to be tough, rugged, powerful and water-resistant, allowing it to withstand almost any situation the wearer finds him or herself in. Initially designed for police officers to provide the same official visibility on their person as they have in their squad cars, the Guardian Angel has since been introduced to the greater emergency responder market including military, firefighters, EMS, security and other first responders. In an emergency extreme sports situation, being visible and/or located quickly can be the difference between life and death. The Guardian Angel is the world’s best wearable signaling device with features second to none.
The Guardian Angel offers the user many illumination and signal options through different LED modes and applications:
Work Light – The work light on the Guardian Angel provides a hands-free white LED light to illuminate the area immediately in front of the wearer in dark environments.
Front & Rear LED Mode – The Guardian Angel has rear and front LED modes that can be used separately or together, to allow the wearer to be illuminated from whichever direction they feel they need to be more visible.  For example, a mountain climber or skier may use the rear LED mode to increase his or her visibility to others from behind them.
Emergency Mode - An emergency mode activates front, rear, and vertical strobes simultaneously allowing the wearer to be seen from 2.2 miles away creating 360-degree visibility around the wearer, as well as upward visibility to aerial rescue units.
Immediate On/Off Functionality – By simply pressing the center button on the Guardian Angel you can immediately turn the unit on or off when situations deem necessary, putting the wearer in control of when they want to be seen or not.
Power Saver Mode – Weighing less then 6oz, the Guardian Angel boasts a 93-hour run time and is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery.
Numerous Mounting Applications – The Guardian Angel offers several different mounting systems (shirt clip, magnet mount, bike mount, window mount, belt clip and hard fastener mount) that are mostly interchangeable making the mounting options and applications endless. Standard Mounting option is:


  • Magnet Mount – The powerful magnet easily attaches to any metal and any fabric like: workout gear, tent, four-wheeler, motorcycle, etc.
  • All White units are discontinued!

Available mounts include:

  • Bike Mount – This adjustable mount can strap to handlebars, seat posts, etc.
  • Window Mount – Utilizing a strong suction cup, this mount easily attaches to the windshield of any car.
  • Belt Clip – The belt clip securely fastens to most straps, belts, car visors, shirts, pockets, etc.
  • Shirt Clip – Snap locks onto any 2” wide straps like a gym bag or back pack.

425-500 Guardian Angel® Wearable light bar, all colors.

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