M50910 Maxxima LED Flasher Control Module

$39.99 Maxxima M50910

Turn static lighting into flashing lights with Maxximas M50910 LED Flasher Control Module.

This module will flash virtually any lights (HID's not recommended). Lights must be powered off to use with flasher.


  • 16 Selectable Flash Patterns
  • Sync or Alternating Flash Patterns
  • Two Outputs
  • Sealed Moisture Corrosion Proof Electronics
  • 2.6" Wide x 1.8" Height
  • 12.8 Volts
  • 20 Amp Max Draw (10 amps or 128 watts per output)
  • Two Hole Surface Mounting
  • 5 Wire Blunt Cut

LED and Safety, Inc.

M50910 Maxxima LED Flasher Control Module

Price: $39.99
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